How to continue exercising and going to the physiotherapist during COVID-19

How can you continue to exercise, when you’re advised to stay at home? And how do you deal with your physical complaints? Can you go to the physiotherapist? Fittrr’s practice remains open for physiotherapy, in a limited way. There are countless online possibilities and in some ways, you’re still able to visit the practice. So our advice: Don’t keep walking around with your aches and pains and stay healthy by moving regularly! That’s not only good for you, you’re helping Fittrr survive this crisis too.

Virtual training and treatments

Fortunately, today’s technology makes it possible to do a lot online! We have experimented with virtual group lessons and PT sessions over the past week. And so far, we’re happy with the results! So if you prefer not to come to the studio, but you like to keep moving, you can exercise with Baukje on your screen! Also, you can continue to do your physiotherapy exercises together with Baukje virtually.

So we’ll go online!

Because we can’t provide the service you’re used to, we’ve adjusted our services. What do we offer right now?

  • Physiotherapy (covered by your health insurance)
    • Virtual via ZOOM
    • Studio
  • Personal Training (based on 1 hour)
    • Virtual via ZOOM
    • Studio
  • Group

Of course, we prefer to do as many sessions as possible online. But sometimes it’s not possible to treat you virtually. When you have an appointment at the studio, we keep a distance of 1,5 meters at all times!

How do you support Fittrr?

Like many small businesses, Fittrr is going through a rough time! You may have seen a lot of #SupportYourLocals actions on your social media. How to support Fittrr so that we too can open our doors again after this whole crisis?

  1. Keep working out! Come along (if you feel good) or book a virtual appointment
  2. Do you have any outstanding accounts? Pay for it as soon as possible!
  3. Buy a new PT package or Group credits (we promise you, the credits will never expire).

We hopefully see you soon!