Being obstructed by physical complaints, in your daily life or during exercise is very annoying. Help from a physiotherapist offers a solution. Fittrr uses an active approach, where exercise is an essential part of the treatment. Understanding your symptoms is very important, to treat and prevent them preventively. At Fittrr we not only fight the symptoms, but mainly address the cause of the problem. We ask the clients for an active collaboration, with the willingness to take control themselves. In this way you live and exercise as quickly as possible without complaints.


For whom?

Fittrr physiotherapy is suitable in the case of:

  • Joint complaints (Eg in the knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist or hip)
  • Complaints in the spine (eg back pain, neck pain, headache, lower back)
  • Chronic pain complaints
  • Traumatic complaints (eg after a fall or sprained ankle)
  • Sports injuries
  • Surgical recovery (both before and after surgery)
  • Medical training



Intake, screening and research

We start at Fittrr with an extensive intake, screening and an investigation to map the complaint(s) properly. To do this, we look at the entire body and look for possible causes or problems that maintain the complaint (s). The body functions most smoothly when all parts function properly (just like a machine). The more information we can collect, the more targeted we can handle.


Fittrr deals with the ‘hands-off’ strategy. This means that we treat complaints through an active treatment method, with targeted exercises and movements. In this way we focus on the cause and not just the symptoms. You can also easily get started yourself. A passive treatment method, for example in the form of massage, is only used when it is necessary to be able to move. For example, at Fittrr you can also go for ‘medical taping’, a treatment method in which special tape is used to support muscles in their function.

Get started at home

Through the active treatment methods of Fittrr, you can for a large part to get started. You will receive specific exercises and tips with which you can get started at home. In this way, complaints are remedied more quickly and the chance of recurring complaints is reduced.


Fittrr has no contracts with health insurers. This means that Fittrr invoices directly to its clients. You can declare this invoice to your health insurer. If free care choice falls within your care package, the treatment will in most cases be reimbursed for 100%. Please contact your health care provider in advance to check this.


Do you want to continue training after physical therapy with the right guidance? Then look at the possibilities of Fittrr in the field of medical training and/or small group training.