Personal and medical training

Personal training is not just reserved for celebrities. It offers personal guidance to anyone who does not know how to reach their goal, or people who are looking for a helping hand. Why donate (unconsciously) money to a gym without really taking steps towards a desired result? Personal training is an effective way of training, under personal guidance, with the aim of a healthier life..

Do you suffer from injuries but still want to keep moving in a responsible manner? At Fittrr you train under the supervision of a physiotherapist. Get acquainted with Medical training (see below)





Why personal training?

    • Physical personal guidance in the personal training studio
    • Start a more vital and healthier life
    • Training with a specific goal (eg muscle building, weight loss, fitness)
    • Preventive training to prevent complaints
    • An extra commitment to actual go training
    • Make the most of your training through personal guidance from your trainer
    • Form of relaxation, just an hour of ‘me-time’
    • Responsible training with injuries


Personal training5



Extensive intake

We start with an extensive intake to map out your current goals and lifestyle. Each training contributes specifically to this goal. With a well-trained and experienced coach you receive one-on-one guidance and 100% personal attention.

Train when it suits you

Depending on your wishes and budget, once or twice a week you train by appointment with your trainer. The training sessions can be supplemented with Fittrr Online Coaching, where you can start working at home or in the gym, in addition to the sessions in the studio. When desired, you can also add small group training to train on an even more regular basis.

Functional training

Training is done according to the ‘functional training principle’, without fixed devices. This way you become more aware of the way you move and you can learn or improve movement patterns..

Train wherever you want

Training takes place in the Fittrr studio. In good weather it is possible to train outside in the city center of Rotterdam. Training at home is possible in consultation.


Medical Training

Medical training Baukje de Haas FittrrKeep moving is so incredibly important for your health. Even if you have injuries or limitations. But many people still feel the threshold to exercise from fear of more pain or aggravation of the complaints. With the right guidance, however, you can simply exercise without risking risks to tax your body in the wrong way. Because Baukje the hare is also a physiotherapist, she knows exactly what you can and can not do while exercising. You could experience positive effects from a good training.

Medical training is not reimbursed by health insurers, but is an excellent addition to a physiotherapy treatment. It is the way to keep moving responsibly despite the injury or other physical complaints.